India is located in South Asia and is the seventh-largest country globally, with the second-largest population of over a billion people living within its borders. India is home to many ethnic groups with various languages, making it a cultural melting pot and allowing for unique arts and crafts unseen anywhere else in the world. Every culture brings its own traditions, carried down from generation to generation, which are reflected in the works of art created by the local artisans of India. 

Leather Craft

India is known for its spectacular leather crafting, an ancient tradition used to create versatile clothing and shoes while providing protection to the wearer. The area of Maharashtra is especially known for its braided leather slippers known as Kolhapuri Chappals. The slippers date back to the 13th century AD where they were named after the village of origin. Madhya Pradesh is another state known worldwide for the leather artisans who create intricately embellished saddles, bags, caps, and garments. Every piece is a work of art all its own, and no two are exactly alike. 

Shell Crafts

Shells are a popular medium for the artisans of India living along the seashore regions, including Goa, Odisha, and the Gulf of Mannar. Typically, three shells are used to make the arts and crafts: conch shells, seashells, and tortoiseshell. Handcrafted jewelry, including bangles, earrings, lockets, and home decor items like decorative bowls, chandeliers, mirror frames, forks, and tablemats, are some of the gorgeous unique pieces you can find in India. 

Bamboo Creations

Bamboo is widely grown in India, making it a popular material for creating art pieces that are durable and beautiful. When you’re searching for unique arts and crafts of India that showcase the handiwork of artisans passed down for generations, bamboo is a relatively inexpensive yet exquisite option. Due to its fast-growing nature, Indians use bamboo for various products, including baskets, furniture, jewelry, toys, and wall hangings. Predominately seen in the West Bengal, Assam, and Tripura regions, embellishments on each piece are influenced by the local landscape, animals, and plant life. 


Jute is a natural fiber produced by a flowering plant in the marrow family. It is commonly used to make burlap and hessian and is one of the most affordable fibers available, second only to cotton. Poor villagers typically wore clothes created by the jute fibers, and Bengalis wove them into strong ropes used within the household. The traditional art of jute weaving is still practiced by Indians today, crafting bags, stationery, footwear, bowls, and more. The material is popular, and it is common to see jute fairs, highlighting the artisanal creations made by local craftsmen. 

India is home to many different ethnicities and cultures that bring their unique histories into the arts and crafts they create. Each one-of-a-kind item is produced by men and women who incorporate generations of tradition to bring about a stunning work of art. At Tuzmo, we help you purchase directly from the artisans of India, helping you bring the beauty of their culture to your home.