Angola, the authentic handicraft experience!

Angola, a country in the southwest of Africa is known for its vibrant and rich culture and history. Having a diverse landscape and varied climate, it is considered a vacation worthy place. The place not only has beautiful places to visit but also has some interesting cuisines. You will find very beautiful flavors influenced by Brazilian, Mozambican, and Portuguese flavors. Though you will find many modern influences in the culture of Angola, their handicrafts still portray authentic Angola.

Handicrafts of Angola

Here are some of the crafts that are true to the dedication of the local artisans.

Traditional Angolan Dress

Traditional Angolan Dress

Musical instruments

Musical expression is an important part of Angola’s culture and traditions. And to keep it alive, the artisans play a vital role by making these intricate crafts by hand. The notable instrument is a ngoma, a bongo drum, and the mpwita drum. These drums are hand crafted out of wood and cow skin is pegged on the opposite sides. Mpungu and Luandan Hungu, these stringed instruments are important traditional instruments with historical importance. 

The music of Angola, which combines African and Caribbean influences, uses these and other instruments to celebrate and engage in the community.  

Basket weaving

Basket weaving is another unique skill that the artisans of Angola showcase. With various techniques like coiling, plating, twinning, and checkerboard, these baskets are made with unique designs and colors. The materials used are ropes, strings, fibers, pine needles, and other natural materials that locals might find out. The skill is in carefully weaving the strands of fibers over and under to create that unique shape. This craft is famous all across Angola and is used for multiple purposes.

Angolan Handwoven Baskets

Masks and statues

Made out of wood and then painted with specific colors, masks, and statues represent certain aspects of life in Angola. These handicrafts are of cultural significance to the people of Angola. Artisans and sellers would explain the meaning behind the statues or masks in craft markets like Morro da Cruz. 

Black Sable statue, which is a representation of the rare species of animal found in Angola, and the Mwana powder mask, which represents beautiful women, are some of examples. These carvings are a representation of the skill of artisans showcasing their art in a meaningful way.


Beadwork is also an important Angola craft. Made from natural materials like quartz stone or gemstone, these are elegant and beautiful. These stones are turned into small circular balls and are put together in the form of bracelets or neck chains. These are put together in different patterns and colors to make the art piece beautiful. These traditionally made beadworks are a unique craft to own. 

Traditional Handmade Angolan Earrings

Baskets, musical instruments, masks and statues, beads, and textiles, are only a few illustrations of the crafts available in Angola. Through their expert craftsmanship, the country’s artisans continue to protect and promote their cultural heritage while producing lovely and significant products that reflect Angola’s vast cultural diversity. 

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