Discover the Cultural Crafts of Italy

Italy is the third most populous member of the European Union, with over sixty million people calling this majestic country home. It is world-renowned for its artisanal creations that use traditional techniques to bring to life the rich history of their country. Many different ethnicities and cultures call Italy home, adding to the diversity found in its citizens’ crafts. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, you can clearly see coastal influences in the arts and crafts of the region.

Arts and Crafts of Italy


Beautiful ceramic cups of Sicily Italy

Handcrafted ceramics are embedded in Italy’s history, making it one of the most cherished crafts throughout the nation. Dating back to the Etruscans in Northern and Central Italy over two millennia ago and Greek and Phoenicians located in the South and Sicily, pottery made its place as a historically significant piece of Italy’s past. The ceramics served their purpose in the household and were also used for trade, making them beautiful and functional forms of currency. 

Beautiful ceramics vase, made in Italy

Today, the artisans of Italy continue to make jugs, earthenware, pots, cups, and more, influenced by the classic shapes and colors their ancestors used generations before.


Italy is world-renown for its expert cobblers, creating the highest quality shoes from the softest leather. Campania is known for the cobblers that use traditional techniques, bringing their individuality to every pair of shoes they create. Every shoe is crafted with the utmost care and embodies hundreds of years of apprenticeship passed down and, in many instances, no longer available to learn in written form.


Italy is home to a uniquely traditional form of painting called Trompe l’Oeil. Each work of art uses deliberate brushstrokes meticulously placed to create an optical illusion that the depicted object is three-dimensional. The images range in size from small murals you can hold in your hand to paintings covering walls and doors and are also found on glass and tableware, offering the opportunity to bring these intricate and breathtaking pieces home. The artisans of Italy use local influences to inspire the contents of their paintings, from the rolling mountains to the mighty sea.

Trompe l’Oeil on a ceiling, Italy traditional painting

Murano glass

Beautiful Murano glass, made in Italy

Since the 13th century, the island of Murano has been known for its glassmaking, with artisans creating “art glass” by using soda-lime and heating it in a traditional kiln. Murano glassmakers produce one of Italy’s most sought-after arts and crafts: Cristallo, a transparent glass known as the finest in the world. The glassmakers are also the creators of Milk Glass, one of the most popularly collected types of glass worldwide.

Beautiful Murano glass, made in Italy
Beautiful Cristallo glass, made in Italy

Italy is more than just the source of delicious pasta, it’s also known for the stunning arts and crafts made by expert artisans carrying on generations of traditional craftsmanship. Whether you’re searching for handmade glass or expertly crafted shoes, there’s something for everyone in Italy. At Tuzmo, we match tourists with local souvenirs that bring the beauty of Italy to your home. We know how much it means to connect with a country through its artisanal works of art, so trust us to bring the world of Italy to you.